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We love giving hope to those who are around us.  How can you be a blessing to someone just across the street today?

America’s Keswick

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    Recent Letter (August 2021)

American Baptist Churches New Jersey


         Recent Letter (May 2022)

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Baptist Camp Lebanon

Barbara's Place (at America's Keswick)

       What is Barbara's Place?

Camden Forward School (run by Urban Promise)

- Choices of the Heart

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   Recent LetChoices_of_the_Heart_moving.pdfter: When Hope is Lost (Spring 2021)

- Christian Caring Center

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    Trunk or Treat 2019

    CCC Recent Letter (July 2021)

- Riverview Estates

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    Riverview Recent Letter (January 2021)

- Seeds of Hope

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    Hope Recent Letter (December 2021)

- Urban Promise

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     Urban Recent Letter (October 2021)