around the world

We are privileged to be a part of God's work through our missionaries serving around the world. Click on the missionaries' names to learn more about their work. Want to learn more about Unreached People groups that have yet to hear the gospel message, the US Center for World Mission's Joshua Project is a great place to here. A few of our missionaries are serving in sensitive areas of the world and have not been listed here.


American Baptist - International Ministries

  Bill & Ann Clemmer - South Sudan

  Sue Hegarty - Costa Rica

  Karen Smith - Southeast Asia / US


Africa Inland Mission

  Steve & Sharon Entwistle - Central African Republic



Bible Centered Ministries

  Ben & Michelle HIldebrand - Toulouse, France

   Chuck & Cathy Powers - Toulouse, France

  •   Powers Recent Letter (August 2019)

Chosen People Ministries

   Neriyah & Anna Arabov - Israel

Diguna Ministries

   Steven & Iris Matusik - South Sudan

JAARS / Wycliffe Bible Translators

   Tim & Dee Manning - US / North Carolina

   Rick & Carol McArthur - Guatemala (Vina Studios)

Paragon Ministries International

   Matt & Christy Rasch - Marseille, France

Russian Missions & Hope International

   Rev. Vitali & Irina Yuchkovski - Russia / Ukraine / Pennsylvania

United Indian Missions

   Anna Farrow - US / New Mexico