Pastor Scott is teaching through the whole book of Revelation on Sunday mornings during Sunday School.

He began this study in the Fall of 2019 and was teaching into March 2020 when Covid shut everything down.


He began teaching again in October 2020. With such a gap in time, and because you can never hear from Revelation enough, he started back in Chapter one in October. 

Below you will first find a handout of notes for the Fall 2020 classes. There is video of each class on our Facebook page here: roundedfacebook

The older classes from 2019-20 were only audio recorded . You can find those with accompanying notes further below. 

First classes taught Fall 2019- Spring 2020

If you click the "Resources" word under each file, you can find the class outline that Pastor Scott used.

Our hope and prayer is that these lessons will deepen your love and knowledge of the Word of God, and your readiness to follow Christ in this world.